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A Glimpse of a Day at Daniel Island Academy

Morning Meeting

  • Welcome Song
  • Calendar (Older 2’s – 4)
  • Weather
  • Conscious Discipline Breathing/Rituals/Commitments
Children doing activities for morning group time

Outside Time

  • Classes spend 45 minutes on the playground twice a day
  • Nature Walks (Older 2’s – 4)
  • Buggy Rides (1’s)
  • Courtyard can be used for extra outside time as well
Daniel Island Academy - Children playing outside

Small Group

  • A variety of activities based on the weeks theme in the following developmental areas:
    • Creative Arts
    • Math
    • Science/Sensory
    • Literacy
    • Music and Movement

Large Group

  • Storytime – books based on weekly themes
  • Music and Movement – Songs. Fingerplays, Instrumental
Daniel Island Academy - large group activities

Meal Times

  • Family Style – teachers sit with children at meals, encourage language and model trying new foods
Daniel Island Academy Meal Time

Nap/Rest Time

  • Rooms are darkened, soft music plays
  • Cots are raised off the floor