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Enrollment Process

Applies to the upcoming school year (August start)

  • Current & Alumni families can submit their intent to enroll for the upcoming school year. (mid-November through early January)
  • Waitlist families are contacted and offered a guaranteed spot based on availability, after completion of DIA’s re-enrollment period. (mid-January)
    • Time-sensitive: Responses must be received within a three-hour time frame
  • You may defer an offer and elect to remain on the waitlist.
    • 1st deferral: You will not receive an offer for the same start date again.
    • 2nd deferral: Results in being moved to the bottom of the waitlist.
    • No response – Removed from waitlist if no contact has been made after two business days.
    • Return to Waitlist – Placement will reflect the date when the family requested to be returned to the list.
  • Walk-ins are unable to secure a spot unless the waitlist has been exhausted and there are still openings.

Waitlist Students

  • Placement dependent on the date that paperwork and fees are submitted
  • Preference given to siblings of current and alumni students
  • Automatic rollover into the next school year (no additional fees apply)
  • Placement status fluctuates. Please call the front desk at any time to inquire about your status on the waitlist.

Guaranteed Students

  • Full tuition will be required to hold a spot (in accordance with the tuition schedule of the applicable school year):
    • Plans to attend DIA later than the offered start date
    • Students that have not yet had their 1st birthday
  • Proof of Immunization is required. Out of state records are acceptable for the first 30 days of attendance. DIA does not accept medical or religious exemptions.

Financial Aid

Daniel Island Academy is an approved State of South Carolina ABC Program facility and a preferred provider for the Military Child Care in Your Neighborhood (MCCYN) Program. This means that DIA provides tuition assistance for qualified ABC and Child Care Aware candidates (approved or pending approval).

ABC Child Care Program

The ABC Child Care Program is the statewide SC system designed to deliver childcare services under a federally funded grant program. The ABC Child Care Quality program  pays providers to care for children of low-income families so parents can work. In addition, the ABC Child Care Program has a number of activities and projects that help improve childcare programs throughout the state and make them more available and affordable to families that need them. We are proud to participate in many of these capstone and pilot programs.

Military Child Care in Your Neighborhood Program

Daniel Island Academy meets the requirements of a preferred provider for this reduced fee assistance program for active duty or deployed Service Members. Preferred Provider requirements include having a state license, national accreditation and an annual inspection in the past 12 months free of disqualifying incidents. Our school is listed on the Child Care Aware of America’s Online Registry.